Is This Weight Loss Supplement Just As Good As the Keto Diet?

shark tank keto pillAre you struggling to lose the extra pounds around your mid-section? Have you been trying to get in better shape for years with no real results? Before you start following that fad “keto diet” everyone has been raving about, you might want to read about a much simpler option…

How Does the Keto Diet Work?

Odds are you’ve heard about the ketogenic diet by now. More commonly known as “the keto diet,” this diet plan has truly taken the world by storm. It seems like everyone, from your next door neighbor to your favorite celebrity, is on the keto diet. So what exactly is this diet plan and how does it work?

natural diet pillsThe ketogenic diet gets its name from the state of ketosis that occurs in the body. Ketosis is a state in which the body uses stored fat to create energy. Now this is not something the body typically does on a normal diet. It only turns to stored fat when it needs to because its usual source of energy is low. What is the usual source of energy? Carbohydrates. The keto diet consists of mostly protein and healthy fats. The primary rule of the keto diet is to avoid carbohydrates, by reducing them to the bare minimum or eliminating them altogether. Consuming mostly protein and little to no carbohydrates is what makes the keto diet accelerate weight loss. When the body is deprived of carbs, it will turn to stored fat for energy. This means you’re burning fat at rapid speed!

What Is the Shark Tank Keto Diet Pill?

So now that you know what the keto diet is and how it works, you’re probably thinking about how hard it would be to actually follow. A lot of people struggle to stick to a no carb diet. After all, how can you really say “no” to bread and pasta? Fortunately, it looks like there may be a simple way to experience the effects of the keto diet without actually following the keto diet…

natural weight loss supplements

There have been many reports about an unaired episode of the popular show Shark Tank that was all about an innovative weight loss supplement. This supplement was created by Dr. Ron Chang and Michael Shrader and apparently, it can actually replicate the effects of the keto diet without the user needing to follow the keto diet! Sources say that all you need to do is take this Shark Tank keto diet pill as directed and it will boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and increase your energy levels. If you’re impressed by that info, you’re not alone. Insiders say that the Sharks were so impressed with this weight loss pill, they each invested over a million bucks into it! This story has yet to be confirmed, but customer reviews of this keto diet supplement definitely confirm that it’s the real deal!

Different Types Of Oils Along With Their Benefits

Oil is one of the essential yet a calorie-dense food. You need oil that has high amount of mono and poly unsaturated fats because they help to provide vitamins and also aids in absorbing vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K which are fat soluble.  Oils can be defined as those fats which are liquids at room temperature and include vegetable cooking oil and also the oil that is present in nut and animal fats.

Another important thing in the usage of oils is how will you use the oil. There are different smoke points of oils, and while preparing the food, you should keep in mind that. At the smoke point, the properties of oil start to change, and you can observe the smoke point as the point at which the oil begins to smoke. At this point, the oxidation of oil occurs and also cancer causing free radicals are formed. Therefore, some of the oils can be cooked at high-heat and others should be cooked on low heat. The smoke point can be observed from the color of the oil. The more refined oil or the oil with lighter color have higher smoke points.
The oils have mentioned below which have a variety of health benefits:

Safflower Oil
This is a refined oil which is rich in vitamin C and monounsaturated fats. This oil is great for frying or preparing food on high flame as it has a higher smoke point.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil cannot be considered as a healthy choice due to the high presence of saturated fat and low amount of mono and poly unsaturated fats. It does contain iron vitamin K and E. It has a strong flavor, and the smoke point is medium, so it can be used in preparing a variety of meals.

Palm Oil
Palm oil is rich in high beta-carotene due to the palm fruit. Palm oil has a high smoke point and a mild flavor. However, this oil is not one of the healthiest options due to the low amount of mono and poly unsaturated fats and high presence of saturated fats.

Canola Oil
This oil is mild in flavor and has a low amount of saturated fats. It contains the mono and polyunsaturated fats and also has omega-3 fatty acids. The medium to the high smoke point of the oil makes it great for cooking, baking, and frying.

Sunflower Oil
The sunflower oil has a high smoke point so you can prepare any type of meal in it. This mild flavor oil is also one of the cheap options and is a great source of monounsaturated as well as polyunsaturated fats. It contains less amount of saturated fats and has the fat soluble vitamins like E and K.

Grape Seed Oil
This is a mild flavor oil with a medium to the high smoke point. This oil can be expensive and is a very good source of mono and poly unsaturated fats and omega-6 fatty acid. The saturated fats are also less in this oil. Use the Oils mentioned above as per your requirements and get benefits from them.

BBQ Substitutes That Won’t Collapse Your Diet

When you are planning to arrange a BBQ, it’s significant to wisely select your dishes. This will make sure your diet remains on track, and at the same time, you delight in yourself. The subsequent alternatives of BBQ will aid you to do simply that.

Even though there’s nothing wide of the mark with this, unhappily it can often lead us to refer to options that can be unhealthy. The good news is that there are sufficient amount of delightful dishes that you can prepare all on the grill. Following are some great substitutes for thinking of.

  1. Grilled Wedges of Sweet Potato

More willingly than serving up chips of potato as your side dish, think through grilled wedges of sweet potato. These are packed with dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates and potassium subsequently will give you long-term energy for the upcoming hours.

In order to prepare this, just cut the sweet potatoes into big wedges and then apply on pepper, olive oil, salt, and any spices as preferred.

Keep these in any tin foil, pack up and then keep them straight on the grill. 15-20 minutes should be dedicated to Grilling or till soft (the bigger you cut these wedges, the longer they will take to be prepared).

  1. Burgers of Turkey

Instead of conventional burgers, which you almost certainly realize by now are extremely rich in calories and fat, try some burgers of turkey in its place. The taste of these can be just as great, particularly if brushed with a sauce of BBQ with low sugar for further moisture.

In order to prepare this, mix 1 pound breast of ground turkey with quarter cup oats, one diced onion, minced garlic, a little amount of onion soup mix powder, one whole egg salt, and pepper to actually give them some lovely taste.

Shape them into four patties of burger and then keep on the grill. 4-5 minutes should be dedicated to grilling every side.

  1. Salad of Avocado and Tuna

When looking for a creamy salad to present, go for and steer clear of salad of potato and pasta. Both are very rich in calories and will not offer your diet with any positive discrimination.

As an alternative, go for a salad of avocado and tuna. This can be simply be made a few hours in advance and is ready to keep with you when you are up to go.

In order to prepare this, disclose a can of tuna and add a half crushed avocado to that. Dice some red pepper finely, celery and onion, and then mix that with the salad. You can also add some garlic, salt, and pepper to taste and then offer with crackers of whole wheat sideways.

  1. Ice Cream Made at Home

Lastly, if you wish something for dessert, go for and stay away from ice cream that is conventional, which is packed with fat, calories, and sugar. In its place, make your own.

Before The night, mix together quarter cup peanut butter, 1 cup of low sugar, low-fat vanilla yogurt, one scoop powder of whey protein, half cup light coconut milk, and 2 tbsp. Powdered stevia. Mix this up ’til smooth and then keep on a baking tray in the freezer overnight.